Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Lately, I have found every other photo that I like on Instagram has been embroidery related. Mostly due to Sarah & Philippa over at We Are Twinset, I'm basically a very non threatening stalker of theirs. Their rail shots just get me right in the feelings. The feelings that make me want to open a bottle of wine, do an over the top online shop & probably book a holiday. Their rail posts are embroidered beach dress after embroidered kaftan, punctuated by the odd pom pom basket bag and Moroccan style sandals. I've mentioned before, mostly last year, that I feel like a loose my style a bit in the Summer. Mainly because I love knitwear, coats and boots so much. I end of not really knowing what to buy and finding myself going back to my trusty vintage Levi shorts that I brought on eBay about 5 years ago. This year however, I'm super excited about Summer dressing. I feel like I know exactly what I want to wear and I want to wear it now! I actually picked this blouse up in the Zara sale last September I think, when my impending penchant for embroidery was just a twinkle in my eye. I wore it a couple of times over winter when I went out for dinner or a drink or what not, but I feel like now Spring is here it can really come into its own. So I've dusted it off and fallen back in love with it all over again. Saying this, obviously this one isn't available to buy anymore, but I've found the best dupes (maybe even better) in the most unlikely place. Next. Not that I've got anything against Next, I just haven't really shopped there before. I also used to work there when I was about 17, which has somewhat put me off. Back then it was very much work trousers, cowl next "going out" tops and printed floral t-shirts with script text on. Memories of working the Next sale have also tarnished my view slightly, that is something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy... but I must move on.
You can find said Next tops here -
Red & Blue


Sunday, 12 March 2017



If this post has made me realise anything, its that I'm due to have my hair done. I look like a bloody Afgan hound. I don't know if its the time of year or because I've been poorly/insanely stressed, but my hair and skin just feels horrible. Does anyone else feel like that? I think first thing Tuesday morning when my hairdressers is open I'll book an appointment. I've been trying to wait until I have a week off at the end of April to get all my bits and bobs done and once, but I think a fresh cut and colour is bound to make me feel better. Just what I need at the moment. I love having my colour freshly done, so its more ashy and blonde. It goes kind of brassy if I haven't had it done in a while. I hate that. Also, I absolutely love my hair dresser. So it's always nice to book in for a colour so we can chat about everything as appose to having a trim and rushing through which make up we love, which shops have the best clothes in and all the trashy reality TV we're watching. Love Island is our favourite, I get my hair cut so much when Love Island is on. None of my friends watch it and I'm always desperate to talk to someone who loves it as much as me! 
I have been living in this H&M top at the moment. I've been shopping at H&M so much recently. I've mentioned before that I go through real phases of being obsessed with one shop, and said shop has been H&M for the past couple of months (sorry Asos). They have upped their game so much recently, and the launch of their studio collection got me so excited to. Although I was poorly at the time and didn't get on the computer and everything I wanted sold out. I also think their website is loads easier to shop now, and being an avid online shopper that is good news for me. The delivery and returns are super fast now to. I remember when you used to order something and it would take like a month or may/may not be out of stock. They're so good for trend pieces at the best price to. I love anything with red writing on lately, and even better that this is metallic. It was like £8.99. You wouldn't get that in 'ol Topshop. To be brutally honest, I am one of the people that is really fast and disposable with my fashion. I will probably wear something to death for a month and then it will never see the light of day again. So pieces like this that are super cheap, but are right up my street for a certain amount of time are perfecto.
So expect lots more H&M from me this Spring!


Tuesday, 28 February 2017


I have never ever worn green, I always thought it made me look ill and jaundice, and that's not a look you want to go for. Alas, now I'm obsessed with it. Khaki, bottle green, forest green, give me them all. Maybe not pea green or lime green, that might be one step to far for a recovering greenaphobe. I went to the Zoo last weekend so I thought what better surroundings to photograph my new bomber in than lots of various green folliages. I also never thought bombers where my thing, which I mentioned in my last outfit post, but again, I'm obsessed. I really feel like I need a bomber in every colour. I think a navy satin is next on my list. Closely followed by a dusty pink.
So this post has no real topic or theme, I just thought it share with you what I wore.
Until next time

Saturday, 25 February 2017


If you have been reading my blog for a while or follow my social media, you'll know that other than blogging I'm also a fashion illustrator. I always like to share what I'm up to on my blog and not just what I've been wearing. Not only because the two kind of go hand in hand, but because it's a massive part of my life. It's my baby if you will (second to my dog obvs). It's something that I work on completely on my own, every decision made is down to me and every paint brush stroke has come from an idea in my head that I put on paper with my own hands. I'm a one woman band. So what better people to share my passion with than my readers.
I have a couple of really exciting projects coming up in the next few months, the first of which is launching my new series of prints. These are the first three that went live in my shop on Thursday. A lot of hard work, time and love has gone into each and every one of them, so it's super rewarding to be able to wrap them up and post them off to all my lovely customers. It's even better when people tag me in photos of their prints up in their offices or homes. It brings a smile to my face a bit of warmth to my heart.
 I'm sure any of you who are self employed, or full time bloggers will know that when you work on your own you have to put in twice as many hours and really have the drive to do well, but it is 100x more rewarding when it's something you've accomplished all by yourself. You have to make a lot of sacrifices. On the days where I'm not working in the shop I'm all most always painting, replying to emails or updating my website. I very very rarely give myself a day off... which sometimes is hard for friends to understand. You have to be super strict with yourself, and if you have set yourself work do then get it done and tick each line off your 'to do' list. You can't just drop it and decide you'll go swanning off for coffee or shopping with one of your pals. If I let myself do this and cut myself an inch of slack, then I wouldn't have a business to run. You have to be so determined and sacrifice a lot of time. The hardest if when its a hot summers 30 degrees day and I'm inside painting with Jeremy Kyle on the tv. I literally am the biggest sun worshipping tan lover in the world, so those days are the most tempting for me. Don't get me wrong, you have to give yourself days off sometimes, or else you'd go stir crazy. Everyone needs down time do be able to work effectively, you just have to be really disciplined about how often you give yourself days off and when you do, make the most of it.
Saying all this, I don't want it to sound like a chore that I don't love doing. I do, of course, love my job. It's just really important to me to try and inspire other people to get their heads down and do what they want to do. Really, with hard work anything is possible. If you want to be a freelance make up artist, go out and do it. If you want to be a full time blogger put the mother chuffing time, money and effort in and do it. The old saying "the world is your oyster" really is true. I urge you, that is there's something you want to do or keep thinking about doing, you can do it... if you really really want to.
Go and pick up that pen and note pad, get yours ideas down and start the journey.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Zara Bomer (sold out) similar here & here | Asos Farleigh Jeans  | Adidas Stan Smiths | Asos Sunglasses | Gucci Belt  |
I didn't think I was the bomber type, until a week ago. I saw this little bad boy in Zara when I was shopping with my friend on her Birthday. It was the only one there and I said to her "oh I really like this bomber, but not for me". She was like "why not for you? Try it on". So I popped it over my arm with all my other bits, just to try it on. Obviously not to buy. Then BAM I put it on, the silky sleeves stroked my arms and it was love. Then that amazing thing happened that hasn't happened to me in ages. It didn't have a tag, so I took it to the til to ask how much it was... £9! 9 god damn pounds. I nearly slapped that bitch there and then in shock. (she wasn't actually a bitch, she was a very nice Spanish lady. Classic Zara). So this year I think I'm going to try and go out my comfort zone a bit more. I also forget how good it is to go shopping with other people. I usually do 90% of my shopping online, but it's so good to look round with someone and get their opinions. I never would have ordered this online in a million years, and now I'm obsessed with it. This particular friend I went with is super honest as well, which is really important. For all I know I could look like a twat in this bomber, but I've just taken her word for it and I'm going with it.

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