Monday, 17 October 2016


This week was the week that I finally decided my life could no longer continue without a pair of loafers. A simple problem to solve, you might think... but I have the narrowest feet known to man. When I was a kid at school and everyone had cool ballet pumps and those weird chunky heeled loafer things, I was stuck in a pair of special lace up Victorian looking ankle boots. To this day I can't wear anything that I'm not strapped or laced into. I just walk straight out of them. So I thought my voyage for loafers was going to be quite fruitless, and it was for a little while. I'm a really avid Asos shopper (although I hd the worse customer service from them lately, which has put me off slightly, but that's beside the point) so that was my first port of call. They arrived the next day thanks to our old pal Asos Premier, but alas they were like walking in a pair of rowing boats for me. So back they went. Queue Topshop. I had seen these 'Kendall' loafers knocking around on a few blogs, they're a tad more expensive than in other high street shops... although a lot cheaper than the Gucci ones. £358 cheaper to be precise. So on Saturday I slightly diverted from my Waitrose shop and into the warm bosom of Topshop. I tried the loafers on and it took all of 2 minutes and 3 sales assistants nodding at me for me to buy them. Now, I do love them. I do. Although I've made the classic ol' mistake of not walking up and down in the shop or my carpet in them a bit, and they feel just a tad too small. Which is weird, I'm usually a size 5 or 6 in shoes and these are a 6. I cant want a 7 surely. So for anyone thinking of investing in them, bare it in mind that they come and small. Which is a bit of a blessing for me because they fit my child like skinny feet like a glove width wise, but the toes are so narrow, and I'm sure they're shorter than a 6. I have since read this in the reviews on the website, but that's not much help to me now. As they're leather though I'll just have to hope they will stretch a bit as I wear them. Do any of you guys have them and found the same? Did they stretch?
I'm off of a mini holiday this week, so there wont be a post, but you can keep up to date with my goings on my instagram @helen_hird

Sunday, 9 October 2016


Since Gucci catapulted embroidered denim into our lives for Fall 2016, I don't think I'm the only one that's become a bit obsessed. Although, saying that I was a bit early to the party and it was Hannah Fincham that got me into embellishment and embroidery a couple of years ago. I was lucky enough to get one of her amazing bespoke jackets for Christmas last year, I've featured it a few times in my posts & it's always on my Instagram so you might know the one I'm talking about. It is my pride & joy, nothing will compare to it. Aside from the fact it was made especially for me, the details in it are stunning, from tiny gold beads nested among pastel pearls to the 80's white embroidered script. Hand on heart I wouldn't swap it for 3 Gucci ones! I have, however, found this super cute little jacket from Glamorous, for those of us that cant quite stretch to Gucci prices! The denim is super soft and I love the nod to the embroidered florals that we've seen splashed all over the catwalk. This one is currently in the sale for about £28 I think, so it's a great little trend piece to see you through the Autumn and Winter. I've kind of broken my own rule on double denim here, but I tried to pair it with black & I just wasn't feeling it. So I am going to channel B*witched and just go with it.
C'est la Vie

Monday, 3 October 2016


In the last couple of weeks I've become obsessed with red. Red knitwear mostly. I'm usually much more of a neutrals kind gal, I love oatmeals, camels, grey and navy, but there's something about this shade of scarlet paired with denim that is really taking my fancy. I think it has come from scrolling through my instagram during fashion week, there has been so much of this colour about and it really stuck with me. I've seen it teamed with leopard print boots or bags as well, which looks amazing. I feel like I really need to invest in a good pair of leopard print boots. These Topshop ones are currently top of my list. They'd look great with some frayed jeans and a basic white tee to.
This jumper is an Asos one, I think it might be sold out right now but I'd keep checking back. I kept it in my saved list and when my size finally came back in stock I added that bad boy straight to my bag. Needless to say it was sold out again within an hour or so, but keep checking. I really think it is such a good investment for this Autumn/Winter. It also comes in other colours which i'm really tempted by, it's such a steal at £25 and the neckline is a dream to. I love a high cosy neck, I'm also bringing back the hair tuck!
Over & out for now 


Monday, 26 September 2016


I really, really am a summer baby. I live for the summer and for the sun. When I lay in the sun I swear I'm literally soaking up nutrients and droplets of happiness. When we get those first few hot sunny days of the summer and I've turned from a normal skin colour to kind of brown, I feel like Sandra Bullock when she's undergone her transformation in Miss Congeniality. I can't explain to you how much I love the sun and how much better it makes me feel. My only down side is that I completely loose my identity. I don't know who I am in the Summer and to be completely honest, I don't know how to dress. I realise for a fashion blogger that's not ideal, but it's all about being honest hey? Come July, I tend to dig out my vintage Levi shorts which I brought for about £5 on eBay 4 years ago and pair them with a vaguely appropriate top. So when the Autumn starts to draw in and I'm still holding on to my Summer tan, I'm secretly a bit pleased. Don't get me wrong, I hate waking up in the dark, coming home in the dark and being cold... but I feel like myself again when I can layer up in knitwear and coats and pop on a good pair of black boots. I click clack down the street with a purpose, like a woman who knows what she wants, rather than shuffling about in my Birkenstocks desperately looking for a sunny patch and a Pimms. 
I have invested in my winter coat quite early this year, but I got an Asos gift card for my Birthday from my lovely in laws and when I saw this bad boy I was sold. Guaranteed it was still about 21 degrees yesterday and I was trying not to get the ol' sweaty top lip when I shot this look. But lets just pretend it was one of those cold & crisp but sunny autumn days, which even I am ready for. Bring on home alone, Christmas songs & mulled wine nights with my gal pals.

Sunday, 18 September 2016



So as I kind of mentioned in my last post, I have been super super busy with my illustration business at the moment. I'm eating, sleeping & breathing it, and I cant wait to share this project with you when it's done. But this morning, what with it being Sunday & all, I decided I needed a little break, so Josh and I went out for a massive brunch. When I say massive I am not lying, I feel like I will never eat again and I never want to see another hash brown as long as I live.
 I got this Zara jersey jumpsuit a few weeks a go when I had a little haul on their website, and this was the perfect outing for it. I am really tired (hence the sunglasses covering my make up-less sleepy eyes) and throwing on a comfy one piece was just what I needed. It also has a convenient elastic waist band which sits just above my bump. Food bump that is. Anyone that knows me will know I can pass as 6 months preggo when I've had a meal. Maybe even 7 months this morning. 
So I'm kind of sorry not sorry for this half hearted outfit, but I thought I'd share it with you anyway. The moral of this really short story is buy this jumpsuit, it's a bargain and is practically made for Sundays.
Over & out
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