Sunday, 20 November 2016


Muru Gold Coin Necklace  - c/o Tienne Jewellery | Cable Knit Cardi - H&M | Silk Blend Tee - H&M | Shawl Collar Coat -  Missguided | Topshop Boots - Similar
I'm not going to lie, I wish I had worn this outfit with denim jeans. I think I was having one of those days where I'd have a few too many mince pies the night before and felt a tad larger than normal, we all get it, I'm sure even you size 6 gals feel like that sometimes to.. I tend to reach for these jeans when I feel a bit bluurgh. They're the skinniest ones I own and make me feel a little slimmer than my ol' straight leg denim jeans that are a bit wider at the ankles. Paired with a slight heeled boot as well, they give me a bit more height than my trusty Stan Smiths. I still wanted to post this though, mostly because I'm obsessed with this cardi. I'm usually more of a jumper kind of gal, but I have not stopped wearing this. I wear it out, dressed up a bit and I wear it working from home with a pair of joggers because it's super warm and cosy. It's such an all round winner and such a bargain. So you'll probably see a lot more of it this season on my social media... I even wondered about wearing on a night out with just a lace bralet underneath (& trousers obviously)... would that be too much? Step to far d'ya think?
Time will tell. A few pre drinks in me and it's a strong possibility.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


The following post is a shout out to my old tutor who told me I wouldn't get anywhere in fashion without a degree.

The last year or so, since I properly registered myself as a business I have literally worked my metaphorical balls off. I know I go on about my lack of spare time constantly, and I promise not to moan so much anymore... but literally, if I'm not at work (my retail job) I'm painting. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a chore. I love working from home. I get up early, have a bath, make myself a big coffee and paint for hours with the company of my now very good friends Lorraine Kelly, Jeremy Kyle, Holly Willoughby & Philip Schofield. Doing what I love all day is hardly something to complain about, the hard part comes when I don't see some of my real life friends for weeks on end & feel I'm in a never ending cycle of being either at home or at work. Sometimes I get to go to the post office to post orders, which is somewhat of a luxury.
Recently, all off this hard work majorly paid off. I was approached by my favourite magazine since I was a teenager, Glamour, to illustrate a two page spread in their December issue about Vente Privee , which if you haven't already checked out then you need to. In the fashion world, you're supposed to play things cool, but I made no secret to them of the fact I was super excited about this. After a lot of long days and late nights getting all my illustrations ready, they were really happy with the piece. So much so, that they wanted the feature to be printed in the Vogue December issue to (they have the same publishers.) At this point I was a bit past excited and more in a dream like state. Which to be honest, I haven't really snapped out of. I thought the whole thing would feel more real when I paid Mr Tesco a visit to pick up my copies... but I still felt like someone was playing a very elaborate joke on me. I thought it was more likely that Ashton Kutcher might jump out and me and tell me I'd been Punk'd. Still no sign of Ashton though, so I'm starting to think this in fact isn't a prank and I can share it with you.  
I have to lastly mention, I could not have achieved what I have in the last year without the support of my gal pals and family. It is my business & I'm very much a one woman band, but their constant advice, help and support has just been invaluable. I'm useless with technical things, so they help me with graphics and anything technology related, they come and sit with me at my markets so I can go for a tinkle and eat some lunch and they generally help me to believe in myself and make me push myself. The amount of friends and family that brought the magazines the day they came out and sent me photos was so overwhelming. Y'all made a girl feel very loved. I recently read a quote; "Behind every successful women is a tribe of other successful women who have her back"... now I'm not really one for a motivational quotes, they generally make me feel a bit sick,  but this is was the most relevant and true thing I had read all year.
I'm going to sign off now before I start crying, but if you'd like to view or buy any of my work you can visit my website here.
Over & Out

Sunday, 6 November 2016


I know I banged on about it in my last post, but I've had the proper winter lurgy for nearly 2 weeks... so other than pyjamas this is pretty much the only outfit I've been living it. Skinny jeans were too much for my feeble little hair follicles to take, so I've been opting for my trusty Asos Farliegh jeans along with my Stan Smiths and this Asos check coat AKA the love of my life.
I feel like I'm never going to dress normally again. It's kind of like when you've been abroad on holiday and you cant imagine wearing anything but flips flops for the rest of your life, apart from I don't have a tan and I have not had a nice time.
I promise I will post something marginally more exciting soon, but for now this is my #OOTD, or #OOESD (outfit of every single day, see what I did there)

Thursday, 27 October 2016


I'm off work this week on Holiday. I went to Center Parcs with my family for a long weekend for my mums 60th at the start of the week which was so lovely. I just chilled out with my family, went to the spa and ate & drank way too much. I thought it come back all relaxed and refreshed for the rest of the week. I was going to catch up with loads of my friends, get my hair done, get lots of work done for my markets I have coming up & I also wanted to do loads of blog posts. I've mentioned before the struggle of being employed, having my own business and running a blog. It doesn't leave me with too much time to daytime socialise or outfit post as regularly as I would like. So I saw this week as a really good opportunity to do all those things that I cant normally do when I'm trying to balance my retail job to. Guess what? I've been really poorly since Tuesday. For the last 2 days I have literally only left my duvet to crawl to the toilet or to get a Lemsip. Today I feel a little better and have left the sofa for more than half an hour at a time... but I'm still very much in pyjama mode, and no one wants to see that. I don't even have those pyjamas that good bloggers have, when they take photos of themselves sat on their bed in a gorgeous silky matching set casually reading a vogue. Y'know the ones. Mine are mismatched, have holes in the knees and are covered in dog hair. Not an image I want shoot or show anyone.
So I thought I'd share with you a few of my lusts this month instead. I haven't done that for a while, and while it's not an outfit post, I still enjoyed putting it together. Although it has given me the overwhelming urge to online shop now. I'm getting paid for a big, exciting project that I have been working on recently (I will share with you when I can) and I want to buy myself something a little more special than normal. This Gucci belt was my item of choice... but it appears it's out of stock everywhere at the moment!
This is just not my lucky week.

Monday, 17 October 2016


This week was the week that I finally decided my life could no longer continue without a pair of loafers. A simple problem to solve, you might think... but I have the narrowest feet known to man. When I was a kid at school and everyone had cool ballet pumps and those weird chunky heeled loafer things, I was stuck in a pair of special lace up Victorian looking ankle boots. To this day I can't wear anything that I'm not strapped or laced into. I just walk straight out of them. So I thought my voyage for loafers was going to be quite fruitless, and it was for a little while. I'm a really avid Asos shopper (although I hd the worse customer service from them lately, which has put me off slightly, but that's beside the point) so that was my first port of call. They arrived the next day thanks to our old pal Asos Premier, but alas they were like walking in a pair of rowing boats for me. So back they went. Queue Topshop. I had seen these 'Kendall' loafers knocking around on a few blogs, they're a tad more expensive than in other high street shops... although a lot cheaper than the Gucci ones. £358 cheaper to be precise. So on Saturday I slightly diverted from my Waitrose shop and into the warm bosom of Topshop. I tried the loafers on and it took all of 2 minutes and 3 sales assistants nodding at me for me to buy them. Now, I do love them. I do. Although I've made the classic ol' mistake of not walking up and down in the shop or my carpet in them a bit, and they feel just a tad too small. Which is weird, I'm usually a size 5 or 6 in shoes and these are a 6. I cant want a 7 surely. So for anyone thinking of investing in them, bare it in mind that they come and small. Which is a bit of a blessing for me because they fit my child like skinny feet like a glove width wise, but the toes are so narrow, and I'm sure they're shorter than a 6. I have since read this in the reviews on the website, but that's not much help to me now. As they're leather though I'll just have to hope they will stretch a bit as I wear them. Do any of you guys have them and found the same? Did they stretch?
I'm off of a mini holiday this week, so there wont be a post, but you can keep up to date with my goings on my instagram @helen_hird
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