Monday, 19 November 2012


Hi there, 

I'm sorry for my lack of outfit posts lately... I dropped my camera & as a result have smashed the living bejesus out of it. It was pretty crap anyway, but now I am left cameraless. My boyfriend has said he will get me one for Christmas, so until then im afraid my blog might run a bit thin on the old ground. Please bare with me. Hopefully it will give me a chance to stash up on goodies to show you!

In the absence of said camera I thought i'd take a moment to explain my blog name. 
The Raggy Dolls was a childhood favourite cartoon of mine. The characters were 7 toys who weren't quite as perfect at they were designed to be but they still had a jolly old time. Silly it may sound, but I have always felt like a bit of a Raggy Doll... Im clumsy (as evident from my camera incident), a bit scruffy and just a bit odd to be honest. I was also born with a condition called Situs Inversus, which means all my organs are they wrong way round. So im a real life Raggy Doll! I would have deffinately been put in the reject bin! So I do take comfort in those little toys that are a bit different to all the others, & sad as this is, I do have a cheeky listen to the theme tune when im feeling a bit down. There are some wise words in that intro.


Amen to that.


Monday, 12 November 2012


Sorry for the distinct lack of posts lately! I have been a bit busy, i've been writing a few fashion articles for a new online magazine as well...which is here if you'd like to have a sneaky peak.
 I am aware this post is a little boring but i am really really loving checks at the moment, so i popped a few of my faves up for you. I brought the Topshop velvet treggings the other day online so i shall probably be recieving a little package in the post bright and early tomorrow. I LOVE POST! Well, clothes post... i got a letter not so long ago to say i owed a bob or two of tax, so that wasn't as fun. 
I absolutely want the All Saints coat, what an absolute corker!

I will stop being rubbish and pop some outfit posts up soon. promise. I've got a wedding next weekend and i've got a banging little Zara dress to wear so i shall share that with you.

Peace out.

(who says that?!)


Sunday, 28 October 2012



I wish wish wish that we had a Weekday store in the UK!
The style of that blazer is absolutely perfect, im going to keep my eyes peeled for a nice white / cream one.  


Monday, 22 October 2012


Dr Martens are an absolute classic & they are churning out some corkers at the moment. I have fallen in love with the black Honka shoe! I have been very good so far this year, so I hope Father Christmas might treat me... if I am patient enough to wait until then (which is doubtful). 



Sunday, 21 October 2012


I've been meaning to post about this for a while, but i have to introduce you to one of my faourite newer jewellery designers, Kelly McAllister. I actually can't quite remember how i first came across her, but i have her page on Facebook & every time i catch one of her posts on my timeline it always contains something stunning! Her trademark use of chainmail is right up my street & makes her peices immediately recognisable. In this day & age, where trends change from one week to the next, it's a real tallent to be able to sustain a unique style but adapt it to current fashions. Her newsest and first full collection "COME AS YOU ARE" has a real gothic grunge feel, heavily focusing on crosses, but still oozes glamour. 

 She also did a collection built around feathers a little while ago which i'll have to share with you, they're just such beautiful statement peices! The contrast between the thick metallic chainmail and delicate feathers works so perfectly.
I hope you enjoy her work as much as i do, i think she is absolutely banging!   

All photos from Kelly's website  or Facebook page.




Wednesday, 10 October 2012


It's that time of year again to wack on my Vero Moda fur coat. 
I like it cos it's silly and i feel like a big grey gorilla. 


Saturday, 6 October 2012


Images from weheartit & India Rose

oversized jeans, Platforms, caps, crop tops, roller skates, neon tees, dr martens, back packs, dungarees, jelly shoes, levi's,  sports sweats.
These are all the grungey things that i love about the 90's.

... even more than that though 'Clueless' 90's chic is thebees knees of the era.



Tuesday, 2 October 2012


 Jumper - Vero Moda
Shirt - Vero Moda
Socks - Topshop 

Hey there!
I got this little jumpery top contraption the other day from Vero Moda so i thought id give you a little ganders. As you may know i'm extremely fond of the colour grey and i've really been trying to steer clear of it... but this cheeky chap slipped through the net. I just love the loose slouchy fit of it and the little matte studs. The shirt i've got underneath is one of my favourites because of the cut away back detailing, i think it it looks really cute underneath things. 
My Topshop school style socks are always a winner as well, i am always partial to a bit of nostalgic clothing! *cough jelly shoes cough*



Sunday, 23 September 2012


I am all over the Moschino Spring 2013 collection.
It oozes 60's glamour, exuding boldness, confidence & optimism. It's just an absolutely striking feel good collection, obviously heavily influenced by the greats Mary Quant & Audrey Hepburn. There's even elements of Paco Robanne in there with the metallic shift dresses.

I've picked out a few high street finds to recreate the look. I wanted to discover a really nice piped/contrast fitted jacket, but there isn't really that much about yet of the look i wanted., i found, had the best replicas of this style, the little matching jacket & short set are my favourite find! I'm also really loving orange & red lipsticks at the moment. I've said it before but ill say it again... for quality, colour and the fact it lasts so long Chanel is the absolute Queen. Well worth the investment!


 1. Orange Box Bag - Romwe
2. Pink Blazer - Romwe
3. AJ Morgan cat eye sunglasses - Asos
4. Alice & Olivia Kimmy dress - Oxygen Boutique
5. Panel Skirt - H&M
6. Silk Pocket Shift Dress - Topshop Boutique
7. Shift Dress - Romwe
8. Pink wide leg trousers - Romwe
9. Classic two peice white suit - Romwe
10. Chanel Allure lipstick in 'Iridescente' - Boots
11. Stripe high waisted shorts - Rare for Topshop 



Friday, 21 September 2012


1. Lip wraps - Nail Rock
2. Premium sequin t.shirt dress - Topshop
3. Jeweled bustier - Sass & Bide 
4. Metal frame clutch bag - Asos 
5. Nail wraps - Nail Rock
6. High waist silver shorts - Romwe 
7. Gold studded Cuff - H&M 
8. Metallic Mac - Topshop 
9. Pencil Skirt - All Saints 
10. Oversized rivet necklace - H&M 
11. "Gold Mine" nail polish - Barry M 
12. Jeffrey Campbell gold sole boots - Office 

I have been embracing metallics lately, i've even just been for a very sparkly silver/gold mannicure! But Jonathan Saunders newest collection has just tipped me over the edge & i searched for a few of my favourites from the high street. The Jeffrey Campbell boots are just the best thing i've seen all month! 



Thursday, 20 September 2012


Jumper - Topshop

My lovely girls from work brought me a Topshop voucher for my birthday the other week & i've been waiting for something i really like. The other day i spotted this tasty little morsel. I've been wanting a dip dye jumper for a while and i think this is the one. Actually i've been trying to steer away from grey lately because although it's my favourite clothing colour i just wear it all the time! But i couldnt resist this... dip dye + grey = have to have.
Topshop have got some really nice knitwear in at the moment, this is the next one on my wish list which you can find here,(but if you do buy it i will be really jealous!




I got this shirt the other day from American Apparel (which you can find here ), i should have ironed it for this post i know but i'm really impatient! It's a bit more pricey than a shirt i'd normally buy, but i've been after a white polka dot one for a while & i love the oversized fit and massive pockets. It's my boyfriends birthday this weekend so i will probably wear this outfit out for drinks. 
My shorts, socks and shoes are all from Topshop & my little lace cycling shorts are from Vero Moda. 




Monday, 17 September 2012


If you have ever read through my blog you will know how much i adore Mary katrantzou. She stuns me & has deffinately not dissapointed with her stamp inspired Spring collection. I will refrain from writing a novel about it but if you'd like to view the collection or read the show review you can do so here on 
If you already admire her work you will appreciate it and if you haven't checked her out before please do because it will boggle your little mind.

I love you Mary.


Friday, 14 September 2012

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2013

Patchwork, Grungey florals, sheer fabrics, layering, collars, denim, leopard print, buckles, oversizing & cat eye sunnies.

 Yesterday when catching up with London Fashion Week 3.1 Phillip Lim really caught my eye with his patchwork layering concept. Mixing chic with grunge, femininity with edgyness and encorperating such a variety of textures and patterns. Last year floral prints were plastered everywhere, covering leggings, trousers and blazers. I found it all very exciting at the time but for this year i love his clever approach of floral printed patches & bold 80's style slogans - more minimal but just as effective.
I'm also really pleased to see my good old timeless friend leopard print making an appearence. When it is done well it is such a classic and i will always be a firm fan. Lastly, i must tip my hat to the return of the great dungaree!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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