Monday, 23 April 2012


Ohhhhh! I just love my new nail varnish. Its Maxfactor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish. Look at my squashy little knuckles.


Good day! 
I thought i'd show you my new necklace, its a Topshop one that ive been hankering after for ages & the other day i popped in and to my disbelief i saw that little pink half price sticker on it... so obviously i coudlnt turn down such an offer. I do love it though. I think it looks really nice with maxi dresses and skirts, hence the outfit. Im wearing a little Vero Moda crop top and an H&M maxi dress which i cut into a skirt (and yes im well aware you can see my knick knacks but we will pretend that hasnt happened.) The bag is one of my favourites and one of my best bargains of the year so far, £4 from accesorize! I dont wear it much though because im more of a big bag kind of girl. I like to carry everything with me 'just in case', i think i even still carry a few satsumas from christmas in my main bag. Come to think of it i had best remove them. Anyway, ive gone off on a tangent so i shall say farewell!

Friday, 20 April 2012


Sorry i havent posted in a little while, its a combination of being poorly and working lots. Both of which are no fun. 
Im doing a shoot soon with my friend and photographer Phil Hewitt. Ive got so many ideas in my head, but were going to go for  really bold, colourful, warm style with loads of attitude. Think 80's Club Tropicana. Ive got a couple of outfits together so have done a few quick sketches for them. Theyre certainly not my best illustrations! I used pastel and pencil for the first time, i normally use water colour (which i prefer) but ive lost my water proof ball point pen. Silly old tart. Anyway, i cannot wait to get styling!!!
Ill pop a little outfit post up soon!

ooh and heres another little illustration i did a while ago. Its me... and a pheasant. As you do.


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