Thursday, 31 May 2012

H&M Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

 I have almost been trying to hold off writing about the H&M Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection as it is everywhere at the moment, but i just cannot help myself any longer!
Being a real summer baby i love to have a nice tan and wear little summery clothes, but this lookbook makes me want winter to hurry up already. I've never really been into sequins or metallics before, ive always steered clear of them for one reason or another, but i am ready embrace them fully next season. I shall encrust myself with jewels, gold collars and studded sleeves.
I just love the way the collection oozes sophistication but with an element of playfullness with oversized gems and bold prints. Or the way that the garments create a boxy, almost masculine figure teamed with the most femine sheer fabrics and florals. 
I could carry on writing an essay about this, but i will refrain.
 I'd love to hear your thoughts though. 

Actually i brought a gold sequin skirt last weekend from Vero Moda. I'll have to do an outfit post, but this is how i wore it out...

Bring on next season!


Monday, 28 May 2012


Well what a glorious few days its been here in sunny old england!
As you've probably gathered, i am a big fan of the maxi dress/skirt... & i do love a bit of tie dye, so here is my perfect dress! I saw it in Topshop and thought it was the absolute bees knees. Thats all i really have to say on the matter.
One thing i have been meaning to say actually is that for anyone reading any of my posts i would really appreciate any comments you have, it doesnt have to be the generic "oh babes i love your dress" (although i would welcome that) anything constructive would be fabulous. 
Thanking ya!


Sunday, 20 May 2012


This is just a wee quickie to show you my favourite lazy sunday cardigan... everyone has one, and this is mine. I had a bit of a heavy one last night, i was going to go shopping with my boyfriend today but we were both a bit shattered so we put our cosies on and went to feed the ducks. Perfect sunday.

Monday, 14 May 2012


Good Morning, afternoon or evening wherever you may be.
I was going to do a lovely little outfit post today of an amazing maxi dress i got the other day, but it is so rainy and horrible that i dare not venture outside. So instead i shall show you my favourite new thing at the moment; tie dye and dip dyes. The 
Topshop Tie Dye Maxi is the one i brought the other day, I just couldnt resist it. So heres a few of my faves... 


4.Topshop Tie dye Leggings
7.Tie Dye Bandeau.

Most of these are Topshop because i have found they have the most and nicest tie dye and dip dye around at the moment, although Zara do have some corking ones as well. This sweater is my absolute favourite, but i cant put any links up because theyre out of stock at the moment, which i am to say the least, gutted about!

Have a smashing day!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Lemons & Lions

I got this little gem the other day in Topshop. Lemon yellow is one of my faves and i have had my eye on this for a while, but just couldnt really justify it. Then when i went in there last week there was only 2 left and one of them was in my size so i thought 'right i will buy this, not check my bank for weeks and pretend it never happened'. So i did.
I wore this outfit the other night (my best friend had a pale pink blazer on & we looked like the blazer brigade). These photos arent very good at all though, it is much better in real life, much more yellow... & excuse my grumpy face, my rabbit had died.

  ...& heres Nella again, she was so pleased with her new lion she just had to show you. 

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