Tuesday, 22 January 2013



There are just no words.




Tuesday, 15 January 2013


I want all of these bad boys.



I just thought i'd share with you a few of my fashion illustrations. The last couple are for a project i'm doing for a magazine bridal special, which i am loving doing because i turn into a bit of a mental girly girl when it comes to weddings! My poor boyfriend.




Textured bomber coat - Asos.
Neon scarf - H&M
Leather look trousers - Vero Moda
T.Shirt - Zara
Ears - Accessorize

I got this little t shirt in zara a couple of weeks ago and i just love it for some reason. I never really wear printed t shirts that much, but i love that light grey colour, the font & the letters are that kind of velvety fabric, which probably had me sold on it... it reminded me of Wildfox style tops.

I dont know why im wearing ears... i think im trying to compensate for the fact i dont have eye make up on. I do kind of love them though. I got them in accessorize sale for like £1.20 or something stupid. Im planning a shoot with lots of sequins so i thought they'd be handy.

Over and out.


Thursday, 3 January 2013


So i'm back and blogging again! My lovely boyfriend brought me a new camera so i just need to get a tripod and then i'll be back on the old outfits posts. I'm also going to try and sort out my layout and what not so please do bare with me on this.

Anywho... i know i'm no beauty blogger but i just wanted to share with you a few Lush products that i've been trying out lately. I love the animal friendly ethics and use of organic products so wanted to give a few bits a wee go.
My favourite of the three was the Hair Doctor hair mask. I've used a lot of hair masks in the past and lately i've been using an Elvive one every other day to try and get my hair in condition to grow back long, but the Lush one is by far my favourite. I used it New Years Eve morning and it made my hair soft, shiny and more volumous than normal. I can even notice a difference in the photos that were taken from the night. 
I chose the Cosmetic Warrior face mask to try, and it was quite nice. It felt cool (as in cold not 'funky fresh') to put on, which was relaxing, and it has such a nice refreshing smell. I must admit though after a fair few uses it hasn't done anything for me. I will deffinately try a mask with different ingredients next though to see if it suits me more. The only down side to both the hair and face masks is that they have a pretty short shelf life, but i guess thats something you have to compromise for having natural organic ingredients. 
The lip scrub is so handy! I got the mint one and it works so well before applying lipstick for a smoother finish. Just pop a lip balm on after it and you're good to go! 
All in all i have been impressed.
I'd love to hear any of your LUSH recomendations. 





I must admit, I never really noticed Ashish until his last ready to wear in September 2011, even his collection for Topshop didn't stand out in my memory (which I almost feel slightly guilty about!). Then ever since I saw his sequin clad sunflower prints and military boots sprouting flowers I have been fascinated by him. He has the nack to create really playful and charming yet rebellious and edgy looks. He uses his trademark sequins with all their conotations of glamour and completely juxterposes them with clumpy boots, black lipstick or messy bed hair.
The newest collection really reflects everything I have grown to adore about his peices perfectly. He has taken the classic school uniform, working in P.E sweats, mathematical number prints and french slogans, and skewed the whole concept. 
She is the girl at school that didnt quite fit in, but secretly we all wished we had the guts to be like. 

10. Fashion Union sequin leggings.

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