Tuesday, 27 May 2014


So pay day is nearly upon us once again (thank god) & here is my list of purchases I would like to make... Actually I have to confess I have cheated a bit, I have already brought the Next sandals. They're £20, I couldn't resist!
I don't normally buy myself perfume, but I ran out a couple of months ago. So since I'm off on my holiday next month, I might have to pay my old pal Duty Free a visit. Some cheeky Mac goodies might be on the cards as well.
I'm feeling really uninspired with tops at the moment, hence the plain white basic! I need some major top inspiration!!


Thursday, 22 May 2014


H&M Palm print joggers
Asos Sunnies
Topshop 'Kasp' Sandals. 

 Bargain of the year!
I love these H&M trousers. 
They tick all my boxes at the moment... they're high waisted, comfy, palm print & very very affordable.
I actually went in to return something due to the old bank fund, & then ended up coming away with these gems, but you can't complain for £7.99!  I can't actually find them online, but they had quite a few in store, so maybe they're pretty new. 

Just a little mention for my sandals. No joke, I have been after these for about a year & finally tracked them down on good old Ebay. They're a bit big but i'm SO determined to wear them after my struggle.



Monday, 19 May 2014



I don't know about you, but I always like to have a jazzy phone case but can't be bothered to trawl through 2854 pages on eBay or amazon to find a good one.
So I was really chuffed when I got the chance to treat my phone to a Touchzerogravity.com  case. I went for this 'dark matter'  style which I absolutely love. You can't really do it justice in a photo, it is so sparkly! But if sparkle isn't your thing they've got tones of others, I almost got this 'reptilia'  croc leather look one, which I might have to treat myself to another time.

I hope this has enlightened you in the world of iPhone cases!



Wednesday, 14 May 2014



So I am aware how horrendous these all look together, but I am enjoying a bit of the old palm print on the high street at the moment. So I decided to put together some of my best picks.
 I think I prefer the bold palm leaves on a white background, like the Weekday sweater. I'm very tempted by that bad boy. I also think the Topshop tote would be a perfect holiday/flight bag, and it also comes in a clutch version here .
Let me know what you think to the trend & your favourite pieces!


Friday, 9 May 2014


Jeans - Vintage
Top - River Island
Heeled Sandals - Asos
Lipstick - Mac 'Lady Danger'

So i'm obviously channeling my inner french man today. I've even got a hair beret, I just need to accessorize with a garlic necklace. 

If you regularly read my blog, you'll know i'm always on the thrift! I picked up these vintage jeans at a bootsale the other day for £1.50, what a barg! They fit me perfectly on the waist as well, which is rare!

Most of all I wanted to show you my little Asos 'Hey There' heeled sandals. They're just the best thing i've brought all year. I wear them so much. I wear them in the day, I wore them to my boyfriends gig & i've worn them to a wedding recently! They're so versatile & a steal at £30. I need to check out if they come in more colours, because I will definitely invest!

Let me know you're thoughts!



Wednesday, 7 May 2014


I must admit, I haven't really been a Dune shopper before, but I can't get enough of their footwear at the moment. From shopping around I think that have the best sliders & sandals on the highstreet hands down. How amazing are the Jolene Isabel Marant style sandals!? I have my fingers crossed that the black will come back in stock so I can snap those bad boys up!

Let me know what you think!



Saturday, 3 May 2014



Asos Jersey Jumpsuit
AJ Morgan @Asos Sunnies
Primark Shoulder Bag

So These are my two new favourite things in life.

I'm not generally a cardigan person but this one is just my best friend. Grey is my favourite colour (I do realise how boring that sounds) & I just love oversized pieces... so I feel like this has been made just for me!
I know I wanged on about how amazing the shoes are on Glamorous.com   in my last outfit post, but I just have to give these bad boys a mention. I am always a bit wary of patent shoes being uncomfortable and plasticy, but these are so comfy are were only £20! They're really similar to a few of the Jeffrey Campbell brogues that have been knocking about, so i'd say grab a baragin!

For those of you that are also having a slouchy Saturday, have a good'un & drink lots of tea!



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