Monday, 28 July 2014


Asos Check trousers
H&M Striped top
Vintage Clutch Bag

I am a real bag fan of these little H&M tops. Usually, to be brutally honest, I find their basics are not the best quailty... not that I can really complain for £5.99 or whatever they are, but this is a winner. It comes in a couple of different striped prints, black, white and grey if I remember rightly. I was so proud of myself for steering away from the grey one, but I do wish I had got a couple more colours. I just love the shape and fit.
I don't think they are online anymore, but I'm pretty sure they will still be available in store. 
grab a barg!


Monday, 21 July 2014




So it's my birthday in just over a month, and I have compiled a few of my current lusts for you. I say current because by the time it's my birthday I probably will have a whole new list, or brought a few of these already!
I have shocked myself putting a leather jacket on my list, I went off mine for such a long time, but I really would love a beautiful real leather one. I think this Whistles one is the absolute bomb. I'd also be happy with an All Saints one... you know, I'm not fussy.
The Miu Miu sunnies wouldn't go a miss either.

Thursday, 17 July 2014



Vintage jeans
Asos Sunnies

So yesterday I had a really nice relaxing day. Ever since I have been back from holiday its been go go go, and I've been working everyday. If I haven't been at work I've been working on my business & website that i'm in the process of setting up. So I took advantage of the glorious sun yesterday, popped to the shop to get a magazine and tried to just chill out. 
I didn't do my hair and make up all day, (which you can probably tell from the no close up shots!) and it was just lovely.
While I was on holiday I did get some pretty beasty accidental bikini strap marks, so this bandeau is my new weapon to try and banish them. I love the print on it, it's got that whole tropical leafy thing going on that's everywhere at the moment. It's a summertime winner! They also have matching bottom on which you can find right here.



Tuesday, 15 July 2014


After seeing this Never Fully Dressed jumpsuit on Instagram I think I am in love.
 It's skipping the queue going straight to the top of my next payday list. Saying that though, I doubt I will be able to wait until then. 
I think I like the baby pink one best? Although it might be the ridiculously gorgeous glossy blonde haired model flashing a bit of tanned boob that's selling it to me.

Which colour do you like best of all?



Saturday, 12 July 2014


Asos Round Mirrored Sunnies
Noisy May @ Vero Moda dress

So I have been after a kimono for ages, but I haven't been able to find one I really like and would wear. They're all either too floral, which really inst me, or too plain. So this one from is absolutely perfect for me! 
I have had a little Moschino induced phase of wanting everything in cow print, & I literally have not been able to find a thing! I literally searched for hours for a cow print sweater one evening...and not a dicky bird! So I like to think this black and white smudge effect can kind of resemble a cow & satisfy all my cow print cravings!
Saying that, i'm still desperate for a cow print sweater... so if anyone knows where I can find one, holla at me!

I also love my new pool sliders. I've been meaning to get some white ones & I love the croc texture on these ones. Shame I wont be visiting a pool anytime soon. #holidayblues


Thursday, 10 July 2014


Zara NYC Tee (old)
Primark Bag

So I think this Topshop lilac duster coat might just be my favorite new possession in the whole world. I've never put myself down as a lilac kind of person, but I've been after a lightweight duster coat for a while now & when I saw this one on the website I instantly fell in love. I had a gift card as well, winner winner!
 Right now I feel a bit like me and my jacket are going through those exciting first few weeks in a new relationship. 
How sad. 



Sunday, 6 July 2014


Asos 'Hey There' Sandals
Topshop Coin Necklace

So lately I have come to notice that I am hugely lacking in the dress department. I think really I am a bit of a tom boy when it comes to clothes. I love a ripped jean, boyfriend coat and oversized t.shirt, but when I saw this Mango dress on a couple of other bloggers I instantly loved it. When I clicked on the link I couldn't believe that they are only £14.50 in the Asos sale! What an absolute barg! So obviously I had to get both the colours. 

As you can see i've wacked the old coin necklace with this outfit to. I am in love with it at the moment, I wear it with literally everything. It is only a Topshop cheapie though, so i'm just waiting for the day it develops the dreaded rose gold tinge. I think I need to invest in a real gold coin pendant... any suggestions? It is my birthday in not long, so that'd be a good one for the ol' birthday list! 



Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Primark Faux Leather Jacket
Topshop Coin Necklace

I am an avid Marks & Spencers shopper when it comes to lingerie. So in I popped the other day for some knick knacks, when in my peripheral vision I spotted this little bad boy. I've been after a new black bag for ages, but haven't been able to find one I liked anywhere. I must admit, I am a tad surprised that M&S turned out to be my savior, but after visiting there website, I have discovered loads of amazing bags! Definitely worth checking out.

I've also dusted off my leather jacket. Literally. I'd gone off it for quite a while in favour of a boyfriend jacket, but after seeing some of my favourite bloggers in theirs, I think i'm ready for the revival of mine. 

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