Friday, 29 August 2014


Vintage Silk Shirt
Topshop lacey jeans
Topshop Jolie Heels
Primark Belt

This is just a little quickie of yesterdays outfit.
I forgot I had this shirt, I went off it for a while but I dug it out yesterday and channeled a little bit of Wang with the button undooing. I'm off shopping in Oxford Street tomorrow & i'm going on the hunt for a collarless shirt. A nice crisp white cotton Grandad style is what i'm after, I think Zara might come up with the goods. I brought my boyfriend one from Asos a while ago & much to his disapproval I want to be matchy matchy with him like a couple of grandads together. 
What a treat it will be. 




  1. Looking bloody cool as always! Love this outfit x

  2. Love this outfit, so effortlessly cool! x

  3. Such a simple but amazing outfit. Inspo indeed : ) xx


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