Sunday, 29 November 2015


Coat - Vero Moda (similar) | Jeans - White Stuff (similar) | Bag - Zara (similar) | Sunnies - Quay Australia | Converse - Office
It's been a chilly old weekend down in ol' Suffolk. So much so, I have dug out my trusty fur coat. When I wear anything fury I like to dress it down with oversized tees, some form of denim and trainers. I think if I dressed it up or wore it with heeled boots I would probably be a bit conscious and feel like I have a touch of the 'pretty womans' about me. Which is not me at all, I'm a bit of a scruff bag really!
Also, I'm sure it's pretty obvious, but this is of course faux fur!

Monday, 23 November 2015


It's that time of year again. I'm giddy with excitement and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I finished my Christmas shopping today (yes I am an eager beaver) and now I'm starting to make a mental note of all the delicious things I'd like to find under the tree on Christmas morning! Mainly copper, denim & make up apparently. I may have got a bit carried away with the Saint Laurent triangle bra, at £435 I think I might be pissed off more than anything if my boyfriend brought me that. Think of all the shoes, clothes and porcelain pineapples you could get for that. I think a Topshop £20 alternative would do. Although I can dream about being that rich than I could afford 2 tiny triangle shaped pieces of fabric to wear on my bandonkadonks for half a grand, right?
My wish list is a little bit different this year, it has a lot more homey things now that I've moved out. I have become a bit obsessed with home ware. My favourite place in the world right now is TK Maxx. I could literally spend hours in there, you just never know what you might find. I was in there this morning in fact and got so carried away with excitement that I almost brought a yellow china cockatiel. Luckily my dad rang me on the way to the check out and snapped me out of my weird TK Maxx daze. I put the cockatiel down and swiftly left. I did However, see an amazing set of cocktail and wine glasses with copper stems. I almost feel like I don't want to write about this, I don't want anyone else going to snap them up before payday. If you do, I will find you and I will probably do nothing because I'm the least confrontational person in the world.
I feel like I need to go back to TK Maxx right now. Maybe I will.
See ya!


Tuesday, 17 November 2015


I wore this little ensemble when I went out for brunch with Josh on Sunday. We were both feeling a bit rough (hence the sunnies) so went for a big greasy fry up. I'd like to say I was hungover because I'd been out partying til the early hours. However, the truth of it is I went out for a mulled wine after work, was home by 8:30 and couldn't sleep because it was so windy out & I had a sore throat. I told you it was boring.
I've become obsessed with anything long line this Winter. I asked Josh if he liked this Zara jumper, and he said "might as well cut a hole in the top of a sack"... so from that I will presume he's not the biggest fan. Who cares what boys think anyway. Unless it's Olivier Rousteing, then I care.

Sunday, 15 November 2015


Olivia Thong  - c/o Superpeach (£9)
Apple Briefs - c/o Superpeach (£8)
You have probably heard me wang on in my wish lists post before how much of a lingerie fan I am. It's one of my absolute favourite things to buy. I love how you can put on a pretty set under your clothes and no one will know but you, but it makes you instantly feel a little sassier. Saying this, I have just contradicted that statement and shown the whole world what's going on under my baggy joggers! But I was just too excited to introduce you to Superpeach, a relatively new knicker boutique who specialise in briefs, thongs and shorts... and that i'm currently a bit obsessed with! Which ever style of knicker you prefer, this brand is all about appreciating the smallest of details. From intricate lace edging, to delicate bows and wrap around body waist bands the attention to detail is stunning.
I chose two quite contrasting pieces, the Apple Briefs being super girly with the little embroidered hearts and lacey hips. Then the more fierce Olivia Thong which instantly drew me in the with body harness-esque detail. I also have to say, both pairs are super comfy! Which is often quite hard to find. Lets face it, we all have our tatty old oversized Bridget Jones knickers that we compromise style for, but I feel like with my new Superpeach knickers I have got style & substance.
I also have to mention how fricken' lovely Naomi from Superpeach is. Not only has she got an amazing brand on her hands she is just the nicest of people, which I always respect in a real up and coming company. It's very easy to get all la-dee-da and 'fashion darling', but she is so down and earth and sweet. Also, she has very kindly given all my readers an exclusive code for 10% off orders. Just type RAGGYDOLL10 in at the checkout.
So go and grab your superpeach knick knacks now ladies!
To keep up to date with all things Superpeach you can follow them on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.


Sunday, 8 November 2015


I moved house back in August (VERY stressful), so I thought it was about time to show you some of my little details. We only rent at the moment, so can't paint and re carpet etc etc, but it so much more homely and feels much more like ours now we've got our own little bits and bobs in there. I say 'ours', but poor Josh doesn't really have much of a say, he's not a fan of my Bonjour print and he did get told off for eating a walnut out my festive nut bowl the other night. They're just for display thought right gals!? Also i've just noticed nearly every photo I have up is either of me and my dogs or me and my Mum. Woops! Not to self, must sort that out.
I've tried to link as much as I can, but if you'd like to know where anything else is from just drop me a message!


Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Neon Rose Belted Coat | Converse High Tops | Zara Bucket  Bag
I thought it was about time to share with you one of my favourite cities, Cambridge. I go there quite a lot, whether it's date night with the boyfriend, a summer day punting on the river with friends, or shopping with one of my gal pals, I just LOVE the place.
 It's full of various bikes, cobbled streets, amazing shops & THE the best food places. My favourite food is Japanese, something we're hugely lacking where I live, so when I go shopping with Josh for the day we often pop into Yo Sushi. My very favourite restaurant ever, Teriyaki, is in Cambridge to. We're going there on Friday for date night, and I always get so excited to go! I love me so crispy prawn roll!
Aside from shopping and food, my two loves, it's also a super beautiful place. Everyone always says it has Harry Potter looking buildings, but me having never seen Harry Potter (don't shoot me), I cant say I appreciate that... Although I do appreciate how bloomin' glorious the buildings are. Especially on a blue sky Autumn Day like this was, or on a winter evening when they're all lit up along side the Christmas lights. I can't wait to go and do a spot of Christmas shopping there, and get that warm fuzzy festive feeling!
Stephen Hawking also lives there, what a bonus!
Also, big up to this Neon Rose belted wool coat. My new best friend and winter companion.
So to sum up this post, you should go to Cambridge.

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