Monday, 29 February 2016


Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful this rose gold wish bone necklace is from Tienne Jewellery? If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m obsessed with copper/rose gold home ware and now I have the perfect piece of jewellery to match! I’m also a huge fan of dainty, barely there jewellery... so it’s as if this little one was made just for me.
It’s from the Estella Bartlett range at Tienne. Estella Bartlett is all about quirky yet feminine and delicate jewellery. She takes her inspiration from nature, romance, travel and adventure. So whether it’s a gold acorn, moon & star combo or even a silver unicorn you’re after, she’s your go to gal.
Tienne Jewellery is a family run business, which I always prefer to support than a high street giant chain. There’s something a lot more personalized about the whole shopping experience with a family built brand that’s clearly been nurtured and well thought out. When it comes to shopping, jewellery is without a doubt one of the most personal and special things you can buy. Especially if it’s for an extra special occasion, which often it is! For these reasons Tienne prides themselves on customer service, and I can certainly vouch for this with my experience. They will be happy to guide you to your perfect piece of jewellery from their extensive range of brands. Other than my beloved Estella, they stock everything from swanky brands Swarovski and Thomas Sabo, to classic watch company Daniel Wellington. So there really is something for everyone.
As an extra special treat the lovelies at Tienne have given my followers an exclusive 15% off code to use on any Estella Bartlett jewellery. Just in time for Mothers day, you lucky things! Just type in RAGGYDOLL at the checkout to grab yourself a cheeky treat!

To view the full range of jewellery visit


Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Mothers day is upon us once again!
Me and my mum are like two peas in a pod. She is my best friend in the whole world and I like to think of us as the female Ant & Dec of East Anglia (I just laughed out loud a little bit at how ridiculous that is!) So I find her super easy to buy for because we like so many of the same things and I know her so well.
How beautiful is the locket from Tienne Jewellery? It's so dainty and beautiful, it's also engraveable which is always a lovely idea. My mum would definitely cry if I got that as her Mothers day gift. Although I'd probably get something stupid engraved that would only make sense to us... we do like a stupid little private joke me and my Ma!
Body shop is always a winner to. You cant go to far wrong with some nice body butter or hand cream, they've also got quite a few promotional offers on at the moment. £10 off a £25 shop is the biggie, all you need to do if pop the code 14317 at the checkout. It's a super good idea to make the most of these discounts and make a little hamper up yourself. I did that for a birthday before and it looked really cute and was filled with so many goodies that I couldn't have afforded otherwise. So grab a bargain while the offer is still on!

Monday, 15 February 2016


Neon Rose Belted Robe Coat  | Zara Longline Jumper | Zara Bag | Vero Moda Jeans
Firstly, apologies for the over touching of the hair. I do it a lot anyway and it was very windy... so alas we will go with the hand on hair look for this post.
This was my Valentines day look (a day late). I was working on real Valentines day but came home to roses, a lovely meal cooked for me, champagne in the fridge and chocolate & strawberries. Galaxy none the less, my fave. So I was a very spoilt gal.
 Today we decided to go to a couple of quirky little villages near where we live and go antique shopping. It was super cold, hence all the long layers and my trusty Neon Rose robe coat, but we had such a nice time. We went into this one shop that is about 5 or 6 stories high in a really massive old building and there are all sorts of treasures there. From old light up signs and weird paintings, to skulls and framed insects. There was heaps of copper things, which I'm obsessed with. Josh got me a really cool copper and glass lantern. I carried it out swinging it with pride like I'd won first prize at the fayre. who would have thought I would ever be so chuffed with an old lantern, how times have changed!

Sunday, 7 February 2016


First and foremost, I'm so obsessed with this phone case from the Chiara Ferragni collection (who I'm also a bit obsessed with.) My bestie got it for me for Christmas and every time I go to text/answer the phone it brings me such sparkly, winky joy! It makes me never want to upgrade my phone again.
I've been living in this cardi recently. It's by a brand called Micha Lounge, who I'd never heard of but stumbled across on Asos. I saw it on this 'New In' bit and fell in love instantly. It's grey, massively oversized and super soft... it's as though it was made just for me! Josh says I look like Jesus, which wasn't quite the look I was going for... but I'll go with it. Micha have got loads of other amazing pieces on Asos that I now must have to, this ribbed camel cardi is next on my list.
Also, apologies for the Cousin It style photos, it was super windy here today. Most people would look quite graceful and Beyoncé-esque in such windy conditions... I'm more Adams Family!


Friday, 5 February 2016


Oh Valentines day, here you come again.
Although I (obviously) love my boyfriend, I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of valentines day. There's so much build up and pressure to celebrate & I never quite know what to buy him. I thought about doing a 'his & hers gift guide post but I didn't know what the hell to put in it. One year I got him a t-shirt that said "I love Helen" (in an I heart NY stylie)... I was very impressed, him not so much.
 The one thing I do like about Valentines day though is the vast amount of sassy lingerie that gets stocked. It seems to get bigger and better every year and it's a great opportunity to shop for a set, even if you're single. I don't know about you, but it always makes me feel ten times better when I wear a new set, even though no one else might not know. So instead of a gift guide, I decided to share some of my lingerie lusts with you. How amazing is the Agent Provocateur bodysuit? Although I don't think my budget will quite stretch, also it's probably meant for someone a lot more graceful than me, so I thought the H&M set was a great alternative. I love the petrol colour and I'm partial to a balconette style. So for me it's a winner at under £20 for the set!
Until next time palls


Monday, 1 February 2016


Yesterday we went to our friends engagement party & I wore this little jacket I picked up from Asos the other day. It's not something that really is very me (it's not grey and 10 times my size for a start) but I was just drawn to it.
It was one of those things that I loved on the model, thought would look terrible on me but ordered anyway to try. Then when it arrived I actually really loved it. It reminds me of a Chanel-esque boucle jacket with a little bit of Chloe fringing mixed in, and who can argue with that combo!
I've got a few weddings, christenings and other various do's this Spring so I thought this little chappy might see my through quite well! Although when these occasions do arise no doubt ill be like "I'VE GOT NOTHING TO WEAR, I NEED SOMETHING NEW"... and queue Asos premier for a bit of panic bulk buying.

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