Wednesday, 27 April 2016


So here it is.
The best present I have ever received. Ever. Which is probably not a wise thing to say considering I got given an engagement ring last week, but y'know... you cant compare the two!
This absolute beast of a jacket was made for me by the super talented & lovely Hannah Beth Fincham for my Christmas present from Josh. I've wanted one of Hannah's bespoke jackets as the minute I clapped eyes on her work, and I've been banging on about it ever since! I never dreamt I'd get my very own one though, made just for me. I remember on Christmas eve we put our presents under the tree, mine from Josh was in a little box and I text my best friend saying "My present is under the tree, it's very small, it's definitely not my jacket". Like an absolute brat. It turns out he had wrapped a selfie stick up for me and made out like it was my big present (I sound even more spoilt now, I'm not I promise). Then he told me to check the chimney because he thought he had heard someone come down there (cute). Me being the massive child I am ran over to the fireplace where sure enough there was one of Hannah's beautiful business cards stuck to it. I may or my not have shed a happy tear.
So the last few months Hannah and I have been throwing ideas backwards and forwards, and this beauty is the outcome. I could not be more chuffed with it. It is absolutely perfect. She has embellished all the beads by hand after we discussed what kind of colours I like/don't like. She even incorporated tiny intricate gold beads, as she knows I wear gold jewellery. What a babe. The words embroidered on the back kind of explain them self, I like being nice and I like nice people. I think we should all be nice and that's about as cryptic as it gets. I'm in love with the 80's script font that she used for the writing, the pure white against the denim is an absolute dream.
There's also a little story behind the actual jacket itself. The jackets Hannah transforms are usually vintage Levi's, but this one is Josh's Dads old Lee jacket. I asked him very nicely if he would mind my having it, which I think is the nicest touch. It's one of those amazing statement pieces that I will be able to pass on to my daughter, even better with the sentimentality.
No one in the world will have one like it and I will treasure it forever with all it's sentiment and sass!
If you want a bit of Hannah Beth Fincham action and can't quite stretch to a bespoke piece, she also does a range of amazing sweaters, tee's and varsity jackets on her website. I know she has other exciting things in the pipeline to, so keep your eyes peeled!

Saturday, 23 April 2016


Last night we went for engagement drinks with our parents, I still break out in a cold sweat saying that. A couple of weeks a go I made my first lasagne and felt super grown up, and now I'm engaged. Holy mackerel. Thank goodness for having a super calm best friend who stops me freaking out in these grown up adult situations. What would we do without our gal pals hey? I feel like I don't know how to adult yet, let alone being a wife. Anyway, Breathe. I digress.
This is what I wore.
This Zara top is literally my new favourite thing in the world. I wear it all the time at the moment. I wear it with joggers when I'm working from home, I wear it out walking the dogs, I wear it in the evening... I'm even wearing it to a christening in a couple of weeks. Not with ripped jeans obviously, but it's just so versatile! I love it. I wish they would bring it out in more colours. I got it in store, but when I got home I hurriedly visited the website to see if there were any other options (secretly praying for a baby blue) but alas it's just white at the moment.
I promise I'll try to take it off soon, but for the moment you'd best get used to it.
P.s, I'm not wearing my engagement ring yet because it's too big so it's being altered, but I will show you when it's back and fits my Mr Burns like fingers.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


I have a little pang of guilt writing this post. I feel as though I'm declaring my love for 'the other man', my bit of the side if you will. I'm an avid Zara shopper and when it comes to accessories, Zara has always been my number one. The first place I go to for my staple winter sandals, my new day to day bag or some occasion accessories to top off a well thought out outfit. However, in the last few months I've found myself visiting the Mango website on a weekly basis, lusting after all the gorgeous leather bags and shoes. My naughty little visits had become more and more regular until I did it. I succumbed. I brought some sandals.
Sorry Zara, I still love you. I'm sure it's just a fling (maybe.)

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


H&M Off The Shoulder Top | Asos Farleigh Jeans  | Topshop Leather Jacket  | Topshop Boots (similar) | Asos Oversized Purse
I have to confess, I have never been much of a fan off an off the shoulder garm. I always thought it looked really broad and hench, which is not the look you want to go for. Unless maybe you're into "lifting", which I certainly am not. I can lift a large glass of wine and that's about it. This Spring however, my mind has been completely changed and I am well and truly on the off the shoulder band wagon. I find myself typing "shoulder" into the search bar of all my favourite online stores in a desperate effort to discover more shoulder flashing items. I'm bordering on obsessed, so be prepared to see a lot more of my upper torso in the months to come. Hopefully getting browner in shade as time goes on. I'm currently at 'milky tea' but am looking for 'Americano' by at least September. I love a tan me.
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