Tuesday, 28 June 2016


As I have been wanging on about for ages, I have really been struggling to find new bits for my Summer wardrobe this year. I just cant find anything much that takes my fancy. Although when I popped into H&M on my lunch break the other day and saw this bad boy hanging up it was instant love. Even better, it was only £7.99! I thought it would be at least a 14 pounder! Bargain.
I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot more of this striped dream on my Instagram in the coming weeks. You'll probably be sick of the sight of it in a month or so, but as it's just about the only thing I've brought lately which I like I think I'll be making the very most of it.
I might go to Cambridge on Sunday, one of my favourite shopping places. So lets hope I'll find some more bits so I don't bore you to death with any more off the shoulders and bandeaus!


Saturday, 18 June 2016


Josh and I went out for date night last night, although we live together we don't get a lot of time to do things as I usually work on his days off. Then in the evenings that we do have after work it's a case of shower, cook, clean, watch a bit of T.V and then I've usually nodded off before you know it! You working couples living together will probably know this routine all to well!
There appears to be a theme in my latest posts of white off the shoulder tops. This is not intentional, but seems to be one of the only things I'm into at the moment. If you follow me on Twitter you've probably seen (& got sick of) me wanging on about my lack of inspiration for my summer wardrobe at the moment. I just feel in such a style rut. I spend ages scrolling through Asos, Topshop & Zara on my laptop of an evening, but just cant find anything much that takes my fancy. The Topshop & Zara sales both started yesterday and I kid you not, the only thing I ordered was a belt. A boring old belt. I usually get this deflated feeling a bit at this time of year, because as I have mentioned before I 100% prefer winter clothes and layering. I'm a coat, knitwear and jacket gal through and through, I get a bit like a lost little lamb come Summer, but this year is particularly bad.
So if you guys have any favourite blogs please send me over the links, because I need some serious inspo to get my ass into gear! I can't live in white off the shoulders all summer long. Think of the horrendous straight tan line I will have across my chest. Help a sister out!

Saturday, 11 June 2016


I've had a week off work this week, although I have been working from home on my illustrations which has been nice. It's like "here's a taste of what full time self employment could look like... now go back to work". I love the people I work with though, so it's not all bad. Also, I'd probably end up weighing a ton and being broke because I've eaten, drank and online shopped way more than is acceptable this week. So it's probably just as well that I have the world of retail to keep me on the ol' straight and narrow. I could not have picked a better week to be on holiday though. It has probably been the hottest week of the year so far, and me being an absolute sun worshiper I have been soaking it up like it's going out of stock. I didn't think I had got much of a tan until I saw these photos, now I feel a little bit smug.
This top did have bell sleeves, but I have got quite a few off the shoulder tops now, so I unpicked the sleeves and wore it strapless. I was going out the other night and my bestie asked me what I was going to wear. I text back with a sentence I haven't used since the year 8 disco and never thought I would use again, "I might wear my white boob tube".
I will leave you with the words 'boob tube' and bid you a good day

Tuesday, 7 June 2016




Yesterday Josh and I had a rare day off together and it was super sunny, so we took a trip to Wimpole Hall Farm near Cambridge. We're both really animal obsessed... one time we went to a safari park and I got so excited that I got a migraine and we had to come home! Thankfully though, I managed to control my excitement at the farm. Although I nearly lost my shit when the pig jumped up to say hello. So this post is not very classy or chic, but I cant deny that we're both massive country bumpkins at heart. It was so beautiful walking round all the gardens in the sun, soaking up all the juicy vitamin D.
On the morning of what felt like the first proper Summers day, I came to the realisation (that I do most years) that I hate all my Summer wardrobe. I absolutely love the hot weather, but I 100% prefer dressing for winter. I love boots, and knitwear and layering. I somehow find myself quite lost at this time of the year. I wish my taste wouldn't change so quickly to, it's an expensive habit! So for our little trip I just threw on a trusty ol' pair of vintage levi's, a Zara basic and my neckerchief, which made me feel like a real farmer. So after this post, I will no doubt spend countless hours scrolling through Asos, Topshop & Zara desperately looking for some clothes for my Summer wardrobe that I cant afford. I majorly need some fashion inspo for the hot weather, so send your links my way!
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