Monday, 30 January 2017



If this post has made me realise anything, it's that 1. I need some new boots, 2. I need a new background & 3. I still hate my short legs. Maybe if I get some new higher heeled boots that will kill 2 birds with one stone. Then I just need to find a new background to shoot with. I'm about 5ft 8, so not short, but I have such a long body and little legs. I hate it. It's not helped by the fact that one of my best friends has the most glorious long legs you've ever seen. When we go out I feel like a pair of Disney Villains... You know, when they always have the long tall one and the short stubby one? Well I'm the stubby one. I don't think I ever thought I would use the word 'stubby' so much in one post, but here I am doing it now.
 Maybe it's just not a good day to be blogging. I'm having one of those days where I'm focusing on all my bad points. I'm sure you can all relate, we all get them. It's bad enough walking by a shop window and catching you're reflection when you're having an off day, let alone sitting here editing photos of myself. I also may or may not be listening to/watching Little Mix on Youtube at the same time. That's enough to hit anyone's self esteem right in the googlies. They're so dewy and toned and have so many black men grinding on them. I'm more flabby, need a good moisturise and am surrounded by dogs. One of which just dribbled on my leggings. Yes I am wearing leggings. Are they even still a thing?
Anyway, maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe I will win the lottery, get a make up artist, personal trainer and have some mild plastic surgery. One can dream. But for now, I'm going to dwell on my off mood and eat some chocolate coins. It's the only currency that I have plenty of.

Thursday, 26 January 2017


I bloody love these cold, crispy blue sky winter days. There's something about wrapping up but being able to wear your sunglasses that puts a spring in my step. Not to mention that the blogger in me loves the purple and orange hues that come through in photos. At heart, I really am a Summer baby. I'm all about long days, BBQ's, drinking Pimms and laying in the sun for hours. I'm at my happiest under the sun, I don't care what anyone says but I feel so much better with a tan. I wouldn't dare start going on sunbeds to get me through the Winter though, I know it'd get addicted. I love being brown and I have an addictive personality, so I wont even pull on that thread. It gets to this time of year though when I'm just crying out for some sun on my bones. My skin, hair and hands feel dry and I feel tired and pale. Most days I will go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, something I know the majority of you will relate to. I do take vitamins, but nothing can replicate the feeling of the suns warmth sinking through your skin. Having said all this, I much prefer dressing for winter. High neck jumpers in particular. I think just about my whole clothes rail is packed with various shades of grey, camel and white polo neck jumpers. I have lived in this H&M one the last few weeks. I wish I had got it in more colours actually, but there's still time!
I'm on holiday from work next week, so hopefully I'll get a few posts in to show you what I'm up to. It's my besties Birthday and I'm off to Brighton to visit my brother which will be a nice break. It's always been sunny when I've been before, so fingers crossed! To keep up to date with my between posts you can follow me on Instagram @HELEN_HIRD
Over & out

Saturday, 21 January 2017


I go through these real phases where I'm in love with one shop, like really in actual love. I check their 'new in' page every morning and constantly add things to my virtual basket that I know I cant afford. If they were a man I'd be stalking their Instagram right back to 2012 and imagining what our children will look like. Said crush at the moment is H&M. Sometimes I go a few months without shopping at H&M, but recently there is SO much I want (need). I really feel like they've got the most trend pieces at the best price right now. I usually am an avid Asos shopper, but I really haven't found much on there recently. Usually I have a saved list that scrolls down forever and it even got to the point where I saw my Asos delivery man in my town and he said "Morning Helen" (worrying), but I'm just not feeling it at the moment. So I've run into the warm arms of H&M for all my shopping needs, It helps that they have about 257 styles of cushion cover. I'm cushion obsessed and get bored with mine really easily. It's kind of a half yearly cycle with me, and I feel I'm due a new batch of cushion. So these 2 bad boys will definitely be top of my list. The canvas bag is also going to be making its way to me on payday. It looks so much more expensive than it is and has a touch of Gucci meets Balenciga vibes about it. A combination made in heaven.
Now lets all pray for me as I'm at home tonight and I'm just about to crack open a bottle of wine. With H&M on the brain this might lead to a bit on online shopping that I most certainly should not be doing with the longest pay month ever.

Sunday, 15 January 2017


Today we went to our favourite antique shop in a little village a few miles away from us. My new years resolution is to drive further afield than I already do. I'm such a nervous driver, I hate it. I only really drive round my own town or to my nans in the next village... any further than that and I freak out to the point you'd think I'd never been in a car or seen a road before, let alone driven one. It's bad. So I was very brave today and went out of my comfort zone. I only nearly crashed once as well, which is good for me. I didn't think we would make it there and back alive, so I really did myself proud.
The weather has been absolutely horrendous here today, but I was determined to shoot a post. I was supposed to do one last weekend, but I was a bit naughty and didn't get in from my night out until about 4 o'clock on Sunday morning. I was absolutely in no fit state to dress myself. I very rarely do that sort of thing (I'm quite a granny) so I've got it out my system nice and early in the year and can focus now. So despite the wind, rain and cold I shot this little look. I'm obsessed with shearling jackets at the moment. This little Topshop bad boy is my new best friend, apart from the fact it is so super cosy, my favourite thing about it is that I feel like Kanye when I wear it. Now, he's not someone I like, let alone someone I'd like to be... so the fact I enjoy channelling my inner Kanye is as bigger shock to me as it is to you. But hey, the heart wants what the heart wants.


Monday, 2 January 2017


Asos Farleigh Jeans  | Adidas Stan Smiths | Asos Handmade Sunglasses | Camel Coat (similar) | Zara Cable Knit (sold out)
First things first... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Now, this isn't going to be quite the ideal way to start the year, but I was desperate for this jumper. It went in the Zara sale for £29.99 down from £50, went out of stock, came back in and then I managed to nab one! I was super chuffed. Now I've just looked back on these photos to post, I don't like it (hence less photos than normal). Typical. I did think about not posting it, but this is what I wore today and that's what its supposed to be about isn't it? Maybe I'm just having a bad day, maybe I'm just wearing it with the wrong thing, but I feel like a fat cricket player. I know I'm not really selling it to you and this is all very negative, but its best to be honest right? I'm sure it would look amazing on someone else, and I was probably picturing it on someone else when I brought it. Mira Duma or Danielle Bernstein perhaps. So I feel a little Depop visit might be necessary .
I promise my next post will be more positive, but for now it's over and out from the chubby cricketer.
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