Tuesday, 28 March 2017



Dr Denim @ Asos Wide Leg Trouser | Zara V Neck Tshirt | Topshop Boots (similar) | H&M Sunglasses | Topshop Jacket (sold out)

Now lets start by saying I realise how much of a man repelling outfit this is. It's everything my boyfriend doesn't like. I could see his little face wincing when he was taking the photos, but I like it. Recently I've had a lot more "if I like it I'll wear it" attitude, something I haven't had in the past. This outfit is a prime example. I saw these trousers on the Asos new in page, I liked them and brought them instantly, without giving it much thought. It felt really good not to um & ar about it and just buy something because I liked it. Probably for a few years I've been obsessed with having a style. I'll see something I really like online or out shopping, but I wont buy it because it wont fit in with "my style". The stupid thing is, I don't even know what the jebus my style is. I'm not afraid to say I'm really easily influenced to, or I have been in the past. We all know what its like, we're scrolling through Instagram and stumble upon someone who is less human and more Goddess. We get a bit stalkery, like every photo she posts and we know every holiday and city break she's been on for the last 2 years. Embarrassing I know, but I know you're nodding right now. When I find said Goddess, I want everything she wears and in turn "my style" is actually her style. I wont buy something unless I think she or any other of my 10 Instagram crushes would wear it. What about me? What if I want to wear it? Why am I depriving myself because some other Tom Dick or Harry wouldn't wear it. I've only realised really recently that this is something I do and its something i'm going to change. I think this is the perfect time, with the seasons changing, to start a fresh and buy what ever I like... In terms of items I like, not go on some wild shopping spree and buy everything that remotely takes my fancy. It's so easy to get sucked into social media, these people aren't called "influencers" for nothing. They don't earn a full time wage by dicking about. They're professionals in inspiring us. We want to be like them and ultimately they influence our purchases. Now there's absolutely nothing wrong with this, we have been influenced by the media and magazines for a bloody long time. I think the difference is we get attached to certain people and fixated on their life and style. Whilst I still will follow all the same people and keep up with pieces they love, I am also going to make an extra effort to wear what I like.  Not what someone else likes or what I think will fit into the image I want to perceive of myself. I think it will make me happier and make shopping a lot less stressful. It's become a bit of a chore lately and that is the last thing I want shopping to be.
Let me know your opinions on this subject in the comments, I'd be really interested to know your thoughts.


Sunday, 26 March 2017


Anyone who knows me will know it's Mothers day pretty much every day for me. Although I do love actual Mothers day, because its more socially acceptable to talk about her as much as I want & spend every minute of the day with her. She really is the apple of my eye & my best friend. I even live opposite her and see her every day. She has taught me so much & I have so much to thank her for, so I thought what better day to share some of these with you...
"Respect your elders"
My mum has always taught me to respect & look after the elderly. Now this is something I probably have taken to an extreme over the years, I'm bordering on obsessed with old people. I make old people friends wherever I go, and I will use any excuse to talk to them. At work, we have this one man who goes to the Greggs opposite us nearly every day. I used to watch him from the shop window, with his medals on his blazers, the tie he wore everyday and his little saggy cheeks. Until one day I saw him struggling to get out of his scooter on a hot super hot day. I went over and helped him out and gave him a glass of squash and introduced myself... we have been friends ever since. I look forward to seeing him and help him if he needs me, one time he toppled over and I caught him. A little bit of his dribble went on my top, but that's ok. We're friends and I love to think the smile I see on his face when I walk over to him stays with him for the rest of his day. My mum also made a massive difference to my relationship with my Grandparents. When I was a bit of stroppy teenager and just wanted to watch SMTV live or hang out with my friends, she sat me down and told me how important it is for me to visit my Grandparents regularly. I had never really given it much thought until then, I assumed they were living the dream being retired, but she told me how much they love seeing me and that some old people don't have people that visit. Since then I always made an effort and visited them at least once a week. I loved seeing them to. My visits and chats with them helped me get to know them as adults, and in turn I learnt so much from them. I used to sit with my Granddad and talk about history and the Romans, my nan taught me to knit and cook and the other I spent hours with talking about philosophical things and she told me so much about her life that I never knew before. I will always be grateful to my Mum (& Dad) for stressing how important these relationships are, because they don't last forever. Two of my grandparents have passed away now and I treasure the little visits and moments alone I had with them everyday. I was with one of my Grandmas when she passed away, which was obviously an awful time, but I took such comfort in my great relationship and friendship with her. I knew I did everything I could have done for her whilst she was here and we loved each other deeply. I will always thank my Mum for stressing how important this is.
My tanned skin
Its my favourite thing about myself, on the outside. I love the Sun and I love being brown. I know its not that good for you (although I don't go on sunbeds) but I feel so much better when I have a tan. Admittedly, I still stay quite tanned in the Winter. In the words of Will.I.am "I got it from my Muma". My dad is quite fair, so I definitely get my olive skin from my Mum and with it being my favourite feature, I have her and her genes to thank for it. Something she didn't intend, but that I am eternally grateful for.
Stick to your morals
I have been brought up with super strong morals and I know am I am good person because of the things she has taught me. When I was in year 8 & 9 at school, a lot of the girls in my year would to go Superdrug or Boots and steal pots of Dream Matte Mousse or that Rimmel stay matte powder, that I swear has been around since the Victorian times. These said girls were cool girls and obviously I would have  loved a bit of "free" make up, but her face was always in my mind. If I even thought about joining in, I would think about how disappointed she would be in me and I'd get that sick feeling right at the bottom of my stomach. I could never let her down and I will always work for what I have.
Saving Money
I bloody love online shopping, holidays and going out. When pay day strikes or I get paid for a job I've been working on there is nothing more tempting than knowing Asos is only a couple of clicks away. My mum has always taught me how important it is to save money, probably on the verge or scaring me into thinking I'd one day end up homeless if I didn't. For this I am ever grateful. I am shit at so many things in life but I can proudly say I'm a bloody good saver. I wont go into details because money is such a tricky subject, but I have stored myself away a nice little nest egg when I can eventually buy a house, and I will continue to save to make it how I want it and have the nice things I would like to have in the future. I never get out loans or buy anything on finance either (obviously were not counting a mortgage here)... she always told me to never buy something I cant afford at the time, instead to save for the things I want. Which I do. Strictly. She has drilled this into me so hard, that I know I will always be ok because of it.
Be kind to animals
This my favourite thing she has taught me in life. Be kind to everything. I have probably taken this a little too literally. If I walk to work when its been raining, I have to pick up all the stranded earth worms on the path and transfer them to safety. I would never kill a spider, I don't eat meat and I treat every creature I meet with respect. She has taught me that everything is a soul, from an elephant, to a person, to an ant. It's a little being with it's own little ways and little life. Anything I can do to make this beings life easier I will do it. My mum fosters animals for the RSPCA and we also rescue battery hens. So I have grown up syringe feeding rabbits, nursing bald chickens back to health and wiping animals bums, eyes and other orifices for them when they need my help. Whatever I do in life, it's always the thing I will be most proud of. Despite having my work published in Vogue last year (which in was super proud of) my proudest moment was creature related. It was the day we had left the EU I remember and I was sitting in the garden having a cup of tea and wondering what it was all going to mean. I saw a tired bee on the pavement, I watched him for a while and he was struggling. So I collected him and took him inside. I made him a glucose solution of sugar and water and fed it to him on a teaspoon. He seemed livelier so I put him back outside. I watched him again to make sure he was ok, but it started to rain and he still wasn't strong enough to take off. It was big blobby rain and as one drop hit him he was knocked onto his back. I ran outside like the house was on fire with bare feet, looking back in my head it was like a slow mo in a film. I plucked him from the wet floor and made him a bed in one of out rabbit hutches, no rabbits were in there obviously. I fed him again in the evening and left him overnight. In the morning I went and got him out, fed him again and put him in the sun. I had researched it you see, and apparently the sun gives them energy. After maybe an hour or so he bloody well flew off. I think I let out a little scream and I waved him on his way. I was so proud. I had saved a little life. I named him Barrington and often wonder how he is now. My boyfriend said he must be dead now, but I pretend in my head that he's living it up somewhere hot with a honey cocktail in hand. Barrington ultimately has my mum to thank. My earliest memories are animal related, and growing up I have seen her compassion to animals day in day out. She has taught me and shown me how to be kind. Extra kind.
So thank you mum.


Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Lately, I have found every other photo that I like on Instagram has been embroidery related. Mostly due to Sarah & Philippa over at We Are Twinset, I'm basically a very non threatening stalker of theirs. Their rail shots just get me right in the feelings. The feelings that make me want to open a bottle of wine, do an over the top online shop & probably book a holiday. Their rail posts are embroidered beach dress after embroidered kaftan, punctuated by the odd pom pom basket bag and Moroccan style sandals. I've mentioned before, mostly last year, that I feel like a loose my style a bit in the Summer. Mainly because I love knitwear, coats and boots so much. I end of not really knowing what to buy and finding myself going back to my trusty vintage Levi shorts that I brought on eBay about 5 years ago. This year however, I'm super excited about Summer dressing. I feel like I know exactly what I want to wear and I want to wear it now! I actually picked this blouse up in the Zara sale last September I think, when my impending penchant for embroidery was just a twinkle in my eye. I wore it a couple of times over winter when I went out for dinner or a drink or what not, but I feel like now Spring is here it can really come into its own. So I've dusted it off and fallen back in love with it all over again. Saying this, obviously this one isn't available to buy anymore, but I've found the best dupes (maybe even better) in the most unlikely place. Next. Not that I've got anything against Next, I just haven't really shopped there before. I also used to work there when I was about 17, which has somewhat put me off. Back then it was very much work trousers, cowl next "going out" tops and printed floral t-shirts with script text on. Memories of working the Next sale have also tarnished my view slightly, that is something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy... but I must move on.
You can find said Next tops here -
Red & Blue


Sunday, 12 March 2017



If this post has made me realise anything, its that I'm due to have my hair done. I look like a bloody Afgan hound. I don't know if its the time of year or because I've been poorly/insanely stressed, but my hair and skin just feels horrible. Does anyone else feel like that? I think first thing Tuesday morning when my hairdressers is open I'll book an appointment. I've been trying to wait until I have a week off at the end of April to get all my bits and bobs done and once, but I think a fresh cut and colour is bound to make me feel better. Just what I need at the moment. I love having my colour freshly done, so its more ashy and blonde. It goes kind of brassy if I haven't had it done in a while. I hate that. Also, I absolutely love my hair dresser. So it's always nice to book in for a colour so we can chat about everything as appose to having a trim and rushing through which make up we love, which shops have the best clothes in and all the trashy reality TV we're watching. Love Island is our favourite, I get my hair cut so much when Love Island is on. None of my friends watch it and I'm always desperate to talk to someone who loves it as much as me! 
I have been living in this H&M top at the moment. I've been shopping at H&M so much recently. I've mentioned before that I go through real phases of being obsessed with one shop, and said shop has been H&M for the past couple of months (sorry Asos). They have upped their game so much recently, and the launch of their studio collection got me so excited to. Although I was poorly at the time and didn't get on the computer and everything I wanted sold out. I also think their website is loads easier to shop now, and being an avid online shopper that is good news for me. The delivery and returns are super fast now to. I remember when you used to order something and it would take like a month or may/may not be out of stock. They're so good for trend pieces at the best price to. I love anything with red writing on lately, and even better that this is metallic. It was like £8.99. You wouldn't get that in 'ol Topshop. To be brutally honest, I am one of the people that is really fast and disposable with my fashion. I will probably wear something to death for a month and then it will never see the light of day again. So pieces like this that are super cheap, but are right up my street for a certain amount of time are perfecto.
So expect lots more H&M from me this Spring!

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