Monday, 10 April 2017

Does being a blogger make you confident?

I cant help but notice on twitter and what not recently, quite a lot of bloggers and reality TV celebs getting negative and nasty comments that they have to defend themselves against. Whether its what they're wearing, their make up or their body. Why is this ok? Is it because they post photos of themselves all the time & "need taking down a peg or two"? I think that might be the mentality behind it.
 Obviously I don't have tens of thousands of followers, so this doesn't affect me day to day directly, but as females whoever we are, we are very similar. We will all have days where our hair wont go right and the possibility of wanting to buzz cut yourself a number 1 hair cut will become real. We will all look forward to a night out, then half an hour before we have to meet our friends we have tried on 8 outfits and don't like any of them. Then, inevitably, they will lay strewn across the floor while we will sit with our head in our hands on our bed after a major tantrum. We will look at photos in magazines, then look in the mirror prodding our faces about and wondering if a cheeky bit of Botox or fillers would be ok. Just a little bit, like 0.5ml. We will have fat days, days where all our nails have broken off and we feel like little boys and days where we lay in the bath wondering if these big white blobs are our thighs or in fact a pair of beluga whales. My point is, it happens to all of us. Even the girl on Instagram who posts a photo in her Calvin Klein's holding a protein shake. So just be kind. She is bloody well getting out there and taking an opportunity, who is anyone to knock her for that?
 Then I started thinking about what people think of me, the people that don't know me well or at all. Yes, I get my boyfriend to take photos of me nearly everywhere we go, but its not because I love how I look. If I am completely honest, there are two things I like about my appearance; My hands and the colour of my skin. That's it. I don't do this because I think I look great, quite often I wont look at the photos back after I post them, otherwise I will pick myself to pieces. I have never been a confident person and I don't think I ever will. It's probably a good job for me that I'm not rich, I'd probably be one of those ladies from botched bodies who ends up looking like Pete Burns (RIP). I do this because it is such an amazing community to be part of and I have been lucky enough to work with some of my favourite brands since I started blogging. These are opportunities I have created for myself and whatever people think of me for posting all these photos of myself, I will not be sorry for that.
Being a blogger, a model or a celebrity does not mean they are any more confident in their own skin. They have just decided to put themselves out there and do their best, who on Earth is anybody to judge them for that?


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