Friday, 14 April 2017

SheIn Gingham

Black Gingham Billow Sleeve Top - c/o SheIn | Farleigh Jeans - Asos | GG Belt - Gucci | Lace Up Heeled Sandals - Sandals  | Round Gold Rim Sunglasses  - H&M
SheIn is a brand I've followed on Instagram for quite a while & I've often found myself browsing on their website being tempted to place a few orders. I'm not going to lie though, because everything on there is so super cheap and its from abroad I've always been a bit dubious of whether it would look as good in real life. This was until I was catching up on one of my favourite blogs by the absolute babe Chelcie Nicole and I saw her JW Anderson dupe bag. I was instantly in love. I panic scrolled right down to see where it was from hoping it wouldn't be like £600 from Selfridges and low and behold it was from SheIn. She had taken quite a few close up photos and the quality looked amazing. So I took the plunge.
This time of year I always love a bit of gingham, it makes me feel all Little House on the Prairie-esque and super Eastery. I love getting into the spirit of any occasion and have been known to force my colleagues at work to wear seasonal/festive head gear. I also went through a phase of making my favourite celebrities out of hard boiled eggs at Easter when I was younger. I think my David Beckham actually wont a competition at school. I reckon it was the fact I used hair from my own hairbrush that sealed the deal for me and David. Anyway, this is all off topic and my point is that this year, I love gingham more than ever. Teamed with a bit of denim its just the perfect combo. So when I was scrolling through the Shein website I had to pick up this little bad boy. It ticks all the boxes for me with the light cotton feel gingham and statement billowed sleeves. They also do a really similar one in a high neck version, which I think I can just about justify investing in as well. They are only $19 which works out at about £15 for us over in (not to) sunny old England, I think they might also have a discount code running at the moment to. Even better. 
I have to say as well, when the package arrived I tore it open quite nervously. Like I was saying, I'm always a bit tentative about ordering from super affordable overseas websites and wonder what the quality will be like... but I really was not disappointed. The fabric is so lovely and the fit is spot on. It's completely dispelled all my doubts. Below I've put together a few of my favourite gingham pieces on the high street at the moment, but to browse the rest of the gingham collection at Shein (which trust me, you need to)... just click right here ...(Baby blue top on the 3rd row down is going to be mine!)


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